How to Make a Simple Power Purifier using Free Samples

Disclaimer : This project involves mains electricity. Don't do it unless you know what you are doing.

What You Need


Wire cutters


Two BlackDiscus Samples
Short length of 3 core mains wire (say 8 inches) 
IEC Plug and Socket (available from local electronic store)
Two washers, ideally copper (optional) 


If you can wire up a plug, you're good.


Start by stripping the individual wires out of the mains cable. 

Here are the parts laid out. As you can see, I've drilled two holes in the samples. I used a 4mm drill, but as long as the wire will fit through the hole it's not critical. I suggest that you drill two holes in one sample, then place the undrilled one face-to-face (i.e. the two rougher surfaces touching) and mark where the holes need to go on the second one.

Now thread the LIVE and NEUTRAL wires through one of the samples as shown below. Put one washer on each wire. Then put the second sample over the top with the two rough surfaces together. 

And then you have something like this:

That's basically all. Put the IEC plug and socket on. Use some sticky tape to hold the two samples together, and also hold the EARTH wire against the side of the sample as shown below.

Plug this into the back of your amplifier (or any other Audio or Video component) and enjoy. Allow 10 minutes for it settle after turning on the power.


What I find with the Simple Purifier is that it produces beautiful treble extension and detail, similar to the real Power Purifier (but not as detailed). But that is about all. There is little enhancement below the high-mids (at least on my test systems). 

With the full power purifier (discontinued) you get the same sort of enhancement throughout the frequency range, and it also produces thunderous and tuneful bass.

If the Simple Purifier works well for you, then it's very likely that the Power Purifier will work even better. (Now available in our power cords)

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